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Cleaning Services




Move In/ Move Out

Concierge Services

•    Grocery Shopping
•    Dry Cleaning, Alterations,       Laundry Drop-off / Pick-         up
•    Flower Delivery
•    Entertainment /                           Reservations & Tickets 


•    Pest Control
•    Contractors
•    Carpet Cleaning
•    Home Repair
•    Cable
•    Delivery

Wait Services

•    Collect Mail / Newspapers
•    Water Plants
•    Check on House

Vacation Watch

  • Returns

  • Exchanges

  • Ship / Deliver Gifts

  • Internet Shopping

Shopping Assistance

Chris Jeffries

“If it's not Daisy 'Luxe cleaning my home, then I don't want any other company. Booking was a breeze and prices are reasonable. True miracle workers, they were able to remove stains that I've been struggling with for months! Thank you to the Daisy 'Luxe staff.”


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